Wish…everything you wished for or wish I could get my money back?

Don’t know what Wish is? It’s an app (or website) where everything you might need and waaaay more stuff you absolutely don’t need (but somehow convince yourself you do) is crazy cheap. Or maybe you don’t convince yourself you need it so much as rationalize “well it’s only $2”. Maybe that’s just me. LOL

It’s so easy to get carried away shopping on wish. $1 here, $4 there, $3 here and before you know it you’ve spent $75 because duh…everything ships separately so it costs separate (and not cheap) shipping. If you are new to Wish, everything ships directly from China. So shipping takes a bit as well. Usually about two weeks, sometimes three.

I have to say the majority of the items I’ve bought have been pretty good. I’ve bought a lot of little give away things for my nail polish business and some other useless items I totally didn’t need. And YES Marie Kondo they do bring me joy…so there! And yes I am totally a borderline hoarder. You can read my confession here. LOL

Then there was those workout shorts with POCKETS! Yes POCKETS! Why is it pockets are like magic? It’s the new millennium so how come manufacturers have figured it out that we want hidden pockets in EVERYTHING?!?! Anyways…

I have workout pants with pockets and I love them so I had been dying to get a pair of shorts. And…there…they…were… All nice and cheap and even neon pink! This 80’s child was in heaven. So of course I said “take all my money!” I patiently waited two weeks…haha…yeah right. I stalked the mailbox until they arrived. LOL

So…everything I wished for? Or wish I could get my money back? O…M…G…!!! Okay this is going to be totally TMI so brace yourself… I put them on and they were so thin you could see the mole on my butt through the leggings. And what about those fabulous pockets? Well take a look below. Um…yeah…nooooooo. While I have had pretty good luck with Wish, workout wear definitely falls in the “Wish I could get my money back” category.

Have any experience with Wish? Comment below.

Couldn’t even get my phone half way in.

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