The Job I Never Wanted…Home School Teacher

Like so many parents out there today, I have recently had to add home school teacher to my ever growing list of jobs. Not a job I ever thought I’d have but here we are.

Let me just start out by saying I’m very grateful my son is still learning and not falling behind. I’m very grateful for the hard work his school has put in to get this together and quickly.

That being said…can we all agree home schooling is a pain in the ass? There I said it. Some people just aren’t meant to be home school teachers. Hell some people aren’t meant to be teachers period. Me…I’m some people.

I can teach people things at work all the time. I love teaching (most) people in jobs I’ve had over the years. I can teach people how to use social media. But teach my own son who I love more than anything? FORGET IT! LOL Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Home school takes work. I knew that but he’s in kindergarten so how hard could it be? Famous last words right?!?! As I pull my hair out. Once quarantine is all over if you see a bunch of bald ladies walking around Target, don’t judge. We did the best we could.

There are so many different stories about the rules, types of homework and amount of homework for home schooling right now where I live. My son is in all day kindergarten. Since he goes to school for six hours a day five days a week naturally he has six hours a day for five days worth of home work. Wait what?!?! This would be fine except by the time I’m off work for the day we only have 2 maybe 3 hours to do homework and it’s due Friday at 4. Plus at his school each assignment is worth points. Other schools in our area the assignments are for no credit.

Anyone else have a count of how many times your kid has said “well I don’t want to do this anymore” and you’ve said “well I don’t want to home school anymore so we are both out of luck. Get back to work.” I haven’t actually kept track but trust me it’s a lot! Maybe I should start counting now? Hum… Today would be one.

Our kitchen table has a ridge that goes around the table. It looks nice but is a pain because crumbs get in there. My son does his homework at that table and I swear that ridge is full of eraser. It’s been a long time since I’ve used a pencil on a regular basis but dude I don’t remember erasers leaving soooo much behind! Crazy! When this is all over I will definitely have to get out the vacuum and an old tooth brush to clean the table. (add to to-do list…sigh)

Anyone else remember when we were in kindergarten? I remember learning ABCs, learning numbers, and story time. There was no homework. I’m not saying this to complain but just an observation on WOW things have changed. My son learns addition, subtraction, spelling, reading comprehension, Spanish and how to read. FYI, I don’t think Spanish is going too well. Someone next year is going to have to come back and correct him. LOL

I have always wanted to work for myself and work out of the house. While striving for that goal I have never once considered home schooling my son. I’m an extrovert so I like being around people so it wouldn’t occur to me to keep my son home from school.

I truly believe school vs home school should be what’s best for the child. In my son’s case he is an only child and his cousins don’t live near by so he LOVES going to school. Although he’s taking this whole no school thing very well. I am really proud of him.

So if you are at home pulling your hair out, I get it. Just remember you are not alone. In case no one has told you today, you are doing a great job! Keep it up. You got this.

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