The Halloween Hangover

Halloween is over and we have moved on to Thanksgiving or for some they have moved on to Christmas. Responsible people have put away their decorations for next year. They are planning their Thanksgiving dinners. Maybe even planning out their Black Friday shopping spree.

Am I the only one still stuck in Halloween? We haven’t put away our decorations yet. Thankfully we never got time to decorate outside so at least the HOA can’t complain. We still have pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns around the house. Every time I think about putting them away I think…well they are Fall/Thanksgiving’ish too. LOL (no one can justify laziness like me).

The worst part? CANDY! Not the crappy left over candy at the bottom of the bag, you leave for the end and tell yourself you are only eating it because it would be wrong to through it away candy (hey you know what I mean). Hey starving kids in Africa would love that candy! If you were a child of the 80’s that’s exactly what your parents would say if you complained about ANYTHING. Raise that bangled or Swatchwatch’d hand if you know what I’m talking about!

Sorry I got lost in a childhood flashback. We ended up NOT handing out candy this year. However, we thought we would and bought two very large bags of candy from Costco. And because Halloween is my favorite holiday I refuse to be the cheap house so we bought the good candy. Plus I had candy left over from an event I did. Plus we also have all the candy my son got from Trick or Treating.

What on Earth are we going to do with all that candy?!?! We could be responsible people, give it away and not eat it. Considering this is the second time I’ve mentioned responsible people and we already saw I didn’t go that route the first time…I’m sure you can guess what happened this time.

On the plus side…I haven’t gained any weight (haven’t lost any either) and my son thankfully hasn’t eaten very much. So it could be a lot worse. I still have a ton left though. Maybe if I slowly sneak it away to work no one will notice. LOL

What about you? How was your Halloween? Still have candy left?

My little fireman!

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