Solving The Breakfast Problem…or Lack There Of

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Or at least we should. I think teachers have been pounding it into our heads since kindergarten. The most common excuse I hear is I don’t have time. Everything in this world seems to come down to two things…time and money. Figure out how to conquer those two things and you master life! Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic. LOL

For me breakfast is not negotiable. I wake up starving. Turns out this is a good thing. Did you know…skipping breakfast can actually cause you to gain weight? Most healthy, non-fad/trendy weight loss programs actually recommend eating smaller meals all day long. This constantly fuels your body and keeps your metabolism running. When you skip meals your body isn’t sure when it will eat next so it stores fat instead of burning it.*

So what do we do about the whole time issue? Grab and go! My problem with most grab and go products is sodium. I found most (not) all frozen foods don’t work for me. When I ate “healthy” frozen meals for lunch every day trying to loose weight I stayed fat. I’ve come to realize it’s the sodium and other additives in the frozen foods. So the solution? Food prep!

I make a month and a half to two months of waffles and pancakes at a time. It’s super easy and takes me about 2.5 to 3 hours. I put different kinds of fruit in the batter so I don’t get tired of them. I use a waffle iron that makes thick waffles so I can heat them in the microwave at work without them being soggy. So grab them out of the freezer, run out the door in the morning and pop them in the microwave at work and my morning is complete!

I use a gluten free mix because your body processes the flour better than white flour and I add turkey or chicken sausage to go with it. I ate this for breakfast almost everyday when I lost all that weight last time and it worked great. Watch for my next post. I will share the brand of waffle/pancake mix I love, how I make it and where to find it. Also coming up, flour and why limiting white flour is important for weight loss.

*I know some people do intermittent fasting. You have to train your body to respond to that. Your body will not naturally respond to that.

Update: find the Grab N Go Breakfast details here.

9 thoughts on “Solving The Breakfast Problem…or Lack There Of

  1. Meal prepping is so essential to a healthy diet. It’s hard to find time to cook every day, but if you can block out some time every now and then, that’s good enough! Thanks for the ideas

  2. I love the idea of making the pancakes or waffles with fruit to freeze. I am definitely going to try out this idea because my time is so limited in the mornings but this would be a better solution than my current choices for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I eat chicken sausage with the pancakes. If you eat an equal or more serving of protein with complex carbohydrates, the protein will limit the glycemic impact of the carbs. This will help your body use them as energy, rather than store them. With the pancakes and sausage I probably have slightly more carbs than protein, however, since I eat them for either breakfast or lunch I will definitely burn those few carbs. I normally don’t eat carbs with dinner because I don’t need them late in the day.

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