SheFit…but how well does she really fit?

Facebook is an interesting place. All in one place you can catch up with family, reconnect with old friends, get annoyed and/or argue with strangers and find must have items you didn’t know existed. Wait…is that last one just me?

You know what I’m taking about right. You’re scrolling through endless pictures/videos of animals doing funny human like things, your friends kids, someone’s soapbox rant and requests for Netflix recommendations when it catches your eye. That damn sponsored post. In my feed it’s usually clothes that ship out of China and you have no idea if it’s going to fit right or not and it’s more hassle than it’s worth to return it. But every once in a while something really interesting pops up.

Enter SheFit. It appeared in my Facebook feed and instantly hooked my attention with their catchy ad for their supposedly customizable fit sports bra. Hook…line…and…sinker. My money was gone.

As it turns out SheFit was on an episode of Shark Tank. I love that show (although my budget could live without it) but I never saw the SheFit episode for some reason. The company exploded after their Shark Tank episode but yet I still never heard of them until that sponsored post.

So what’s so special about SheFit? There are a million sports bras on the market already so why should I care about this one? SheFit has Velcro straps over the shoulders and around the bottom that make it totally customized to your shape! And we’re not talking about thin, only going to hold for a couple of uses then fall apart Velcro. I mean wide, heavy duty, hold your girls in while you do jumping jacks or run a mile even after 10 washes Velcro. This custom fit keeps everything in place, where it should, not moving but at the same time comfortable and not cutting off circulation.

I ordered the Ultimate (that just sounds awesome doesn’t it). My only complaint is it has removable pads. I’m not a fan of removable pads. I don’t want to make sure they are in the right place and I don’t want to worry about loosing them. I’ve had my SheFit since January and am happy to report no issues with pads shifting or being in the wrong place. That being said…I will likely try the Ultimate Flex next time. The Flex does not have removable pads.

Want to try SheFit? Use my referral link and get $10 off!

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