Packing Up The Car For One Last Trip

Last week I packed up almost all of my inventory from my already closed down clothing boutique one last time. I carried those familiar blue IKEA bags down the staircase as I had done at least 20 times before. Only this time my clothes all fit in one FRAKTA bag, my leggings all fit in one bin a quarter of the size I used to use and the other bags were full of just hangers.

Unlike previous trips, I wasn’t loading up the car for an event the next day. No racks were coming with me. I was actually loading it to take it to donate. I promised someone at a local charity they could have my hangers for the new center they were opening. What they didn’t know was I was including clothing as well.

It’s hard to say goodbye to something you worked so hard on. It’s hard to see it finally come to an end. Donating the last of the inventory (well most of it) definitely helps with moving on. It feels good to know that my ending is helping to launch someone else’s beginning.

This feels like it’s coming at the right time. The door is officially closing on that part of my life and a new door is about to open to a new adventure. Everything happens when it’s supposed to. No matter how impatient I am or how fast I wanted everything gone.

Here’s to new adventures and new beginnings!

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