Out with the old, in with the…okay well just out with the old.

This weekend is our master planned community’s annual community wide yard sale. They advertise all over the city and offer a map of all the houses participating. It draws a fair amount of people. This is the only time my home owners association allows yard sales in my neighborhood.

This seemed like a good time to clean out some stuff. I have items left over from old businesses, both direct sales and other. I have old clothes that no longer fit. Some physically and if I’m being honest…some emotionally. LOL I may or may not still have some LA Gear in the back of my closet (I’m really showing my age now). Don’t come looking for it at the yard sale though…it’s not for sale! Haha. I have a walk in closet all to myself busting at the seams. Not to mention my son has clothes he’s outgrown and too many toys.

So as you can see my house is ready for a purge. It could probably use a Marie Kondo makeover but I don’t trust that lady (I’ll explain later*). So what’s the problem? Time? Well I never have time. LOL. Actually I have time this week. A husband who doesn’t want to get rid of things? Nope, he’s happy to see me get rid of things (practically begging is more like it) and it’s almost all my stuff. The BIG (well not really) DEEP (not that deep if you know me) DARK SECRET (well not a secret if you have seen my garage)…I come from a long line of pack rats and I am a boarder line hoarder. There…I said it.

I swear you get rid of something and then…boom! You need it. Never fails. Please tell me this happens to you too and I’m not the only one. Plus look at what is happening right now in fashion. The 90’s are back in style. Instead of paying $100 for holy jeans now (not that I have), I could have saved mine from 1994 and be stylish with a pocket full of cash! Are you all laughing right now or is it just me? As IF my butt still fit into my jeans from 1994! Ah…one can dream. As long as we are dreaming can my 1994 butt stand next to Christian Slater? Wake me tomorrow.

*It’s later…so I am a bibliophile (don’t panic, it’s not dangerous or gross). Which isn’t that surprising since I’m a boarder line hoarder. If you don’t know, it’s a person who collects or has a great love of books. I went to get the quote on what Marie Kondo said about the amount of bookshelves or amount of books a person should have to list as the reason I don’t trust her because that’s just crazy to limit a person’s books. What I found, however, was the Worldwide Web of Misinformation strikes again. She actually never said that. She said she took her own personal collection down to 30 books and people took that to mean you should only have 30 books and spread that around. Okay, my bad but…I’m still a little fearful of her because well…I don’t like to get rid of things. Plus…who only has 30 books?!?! LOL I just have to take it one small step and one day at a time. 🙂


The yard sale was a big success! Despite my hoardistic (is that a word?) tendencies I put clothes, shoes, and left over items from previous business ventures. I could do a whole on previous businesses. I’ve tried it all. LOL But hey that’s how you find out where you really fit and what you love. And NO I did not put any books up for sale. And yes they do bring me joy, all 50 million of them (not that you asked).

My son also joined in. He put his old clothes, shoes, hats and yes even TOYS up for sale! He actually made $57! So I have discovered mom hack level genius. When you want to get rid of your child’s stuff…tell them if they sell it they can put the money aside to save for a trip to Disneyland. He was ready to sell EVERYTHING! LOL. He was so cute though. I asked him what he wanted to do with his money. He said he wanted two dollars for his wallet (money he can spend on whatever he wants) and he wanted to put the other $55 in the family vacation fund for Disneyland. So proud of him.

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