June Update – Fab 0 – Flab 1, it’s the little victories

It’s June! Time for an update on my progress towards fabulous. In my last status update I said it was Fab 0 – Flab 1. So…how did I do since then?

Well…not exactly how I would have liked but then again is it ever? So I haven’t been to the gym in like three weeks….I think. See it’s been so long I can’t remember. Yikes! I can feel my muscles turning to flab as I write this. Okay maybe that’s a little over dramatic but I need to get my flabby butt to the gym stat! I always wanted to say that. LOL

On the life side and the plus side…the clothing boutique I have/had in my house from my former business has now been dismantlement! Woohoo! I still have approximately 100 pieces of clothing left but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The room is a giant disaster but hey I’m celebrating the little victories. Plus it won’t take me very long to clean it up (at least that’s what I keep telling myself every time I walk past).

The dreaded scale…it stayed the same. Normally that would not be a good thing but considering I didn’t exercise this month I’d say this is a victory! I did continue to food prep at least my breakfast everyday (new breakfast post in the future) and probably about half or more of my lunches so that’s probably why the scale didn’t move.

Where does that leave me? I’d say it’s a tie. Final score Fab 0 – Flab 1. It’s a new month so look out Flab…I’m coming for you! Hahaha…that sounds totally crazy. Hey whatever works right?

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