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So last post we talked about solving the breakfast problem. In case you missed it, the breakfast problem being no time to eat breakfast. You can find that post here. As promised here’s how to make the waffles and pancakes I mentioned in my previous post.

Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix is what I use as the base for my mix. You can find it here. Here’s the low down on the mix: certified gluten free, made with Non-GMO ingredients, no artificial additives, no hydrogenated oils or trans fats and no added sugar.

The package has a pancake and a waffle recipe right on the back (as well as other recipes I totally need to try one day) but here’s how I doctor it up! I take fresh fruit (usually strawberries, bananas or raspberries) throw them in the blender with some water and make a fruit puree. For the puree I put enough water to hit just below the fruit or come up to the top of the fruit in the blender. When I make the batter I replace half the water with the fruit puree. I use an equal amount. So if I need two cups of water I will use one cup water and one cup fruit puree. Another awesome swap is pumpkin. Mmm… I did not add water to make a puree. I just added the pumpkin with pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

I will also leave the oil out of the recipe. I’m not sure what prompted me to leave the oil out the first time I made them but it’s not needed. Oil is typically used to help make pancakes fluffy, maintain moisture and keep them from sticking to the pan. Perhaps the pancakes could be a little fluffier but the waffles are pretty thick. I’ve never felt it really warranted the added fat to add the oil.

Typically I will make about 8 batches of pancakes at a time when I make pancakes and about 6 batches of waffles at time when making waffles or a combination of the two. In about 2.5-3 hours I can usually make two months worth of breakfast, however, I usually food prep other items at the same time. A post on lunch/dinner food prep will be coming in the future.

Preparing from frozen: if you have access to a toaster, heat the waffles on very low, flip them over and heat them a second time. For both waffles and pancakes in the microwave, heat on 50% power for one minute, flip over and heat on full power for one minute. That’s it! I eat three pancakes for breakfast or two waffles but it depends on how big you make your pancakes and your waffle iron.

To make this an easy grab and go I used to store these in the freezer in individual Ziploc quart size freezer bags. I would put two pieces of sausage in the bag as well. Then in the morning I could grab a bag and go. I really hated wasting all those bags though. So now I use containers and take my breakfast for the week to work every Monday instead.

Mom’s corner: this recipe is kid tested by my five year old son and….I’m happy to report kid approved!

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  1. This is a great idea. I leave for work before my kids get up and they have to get their own breakfast. This is a great way to get them fed with healthy food and something they can do on their own. Thanks!!!

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