Feels like I’ve been gone forever!

Yikes! It feels like I have been gone from here forever! Sorry for ghosting everyone. It has been crazy.

So my disappearance started with 30 days of headaches. Every day but one for 30 days I had a headache. Some days were mild and some severe. That basically took my whole life to a grinding halt. It was all I could do just to make it to work.

Actually for work, I had to go in late a lot. I’d wake up with a headache, take some drugs (prescription of course) and go back to bed. Then wake up an hour (or more) later and go to work. Thankfully I don’t have a customer service type job that requires a strict punch in time. If I came in late I’d just work late.

I finally got my headaches under control and better than they have been in a long time. Took some drug changes (more on that in a later post). Woohoo! Well…short lived woohoo but….later. Then…more trouble…

Next up…a pandemic. I’m sure more happened in between that I’m forgetting but a pandemic is all consuming. Again…life comes to a screeching halt (sort of). I hadn’t caught up yet from the 30 days of headaches yet.

Let me start this by saying how grateful I am and I appreciate everything. I can do my job from anywhere I have fast internet so I have been able to work from home (well that’s changed a bit now). My son’s school issued homework for home schooling. That put me further behind. More on that later as well.

So…this week I am furloughed for the week and catching up. So here I am again. Get ready for lots of new things. I am back on track (or getting there at least). I hope everyone is doing okay and safe.

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