Wish…everything you wished for or wish I could get my money back?

Don’t know what Wish is? It’s an app (or website) where everything you might need and waaaay more stuff you absolutely don’t need (but somehow convince yourself you do) is crazy cheap. Or maybe you don’t convince yourself you need it so much as rationalize “well it’s only $2”. Maybe that’s just me. LOL It’s […]

90 Days to Fabulous! Or at least that’s the plan.

Today is the day! Day one of a 90 day plan. Well…sort of. 90 days is really just a check in point. It’s more of day one of getting back on track. Back to the basics I know and adding in some fresh new tools. Tools I didn’t have last time around. I haven’t updated […]

SheFit…but how well does she really fit?

Facebook is an interesting place. All in one place you can catch up with family, reconnect with old friends, get annoyed and/or argue with strangers and find must have items you didn’t know existed. Wait…is that last one just me? You know what I’m taking about right. You’re scrolling through endless pictures/videos of animals doing […]

Out with the old, in with the…okay well just out with the old.

This weekend is our master planned community’s annual community wide yard sale. They advertise all over the city and offer a map of all the houses participating. It draws a fair amount of people. This is the only time my home owners association allows yard sales in my neighborhood. This seemed like a good time […]